Family Legacy

The Ultimate Personal Tribute

A professionally produced Family Legacy Video by Magnum Productions is literally the gift of a lifetime.

While the passing of a loved one is painful, the knowledge and insights shared in a Legacy Video can be held dear for many generations to come.

What Exactly Is Legacy Video?

A Legacy Video is a personal documentary that highlight’s a loved one’s stories, insights, struggles and accomplishments … the ultimate personal tribute … and, ultimately, a personal piece of history.

It will provide comfort during the grieving process and preserve each person’s legacy. 

The Magnum Productions Difference

Your loved one has the memories … we have the skills and technology to put together your professional Legacy Video.

With so many technical tools at everyone’s fingertips you may not think you need a professional. 

However, a lifetime of memories and stories is difficult to condense. 

Imagine a library and a museum full of books and historic belonging … and imagine trying to select the moments that really matter. 

Everyone’s life is a little like that … and a Family Legacy Video is a big project.

Magnum Productions has:

  • Decades of experience in storytelling
  • Professional interviewing skills
  • The ability to readily identify headline moments
  • And present those moments in a way that encapsulates a life well lived.

Our professional equipment, production values and access to the latest creative tools all contribute to a polished product that will retain pride of place in your family.

Everything old …

Magnum Productions, in association with sister organisation Heirloom Media, can enhance and transfer old movie film and videotapes to be used in Family Legacy Videos.  Using a high-grade 2K motion picture scanner, films can be scanned frame-by-frame, drawing out detail that was once invisible and ensuring they are safely preserved.

Once the film is scanned, it is colour corrected and ready to be used in your Family Legacy Video.

And yes, sound films can be transferred in perfect synchronicity.  You get a digitally remastered film or video as part of your Family Legacy Video.

How We Work with You

Long before we deliver your professionally produced Family Legacy Video, we work with you to ensure a product you will be proud of.

Before filming, we explore and identify the essence of your precious stories and experiences with empathy and patience.

It can be daunting to sit down in front of a professional video camera.  So, we take the time to help you appear and sound your best. Only when you are comfortable do we start the video process …  and we’ll do a retake until you are happy.

If talking to a camera just isn’t for you, we can use your voice … weaving your words with vision of you, your photographs and digitally remastered home movies.

Why Preserving Ancestry Is Important

Research showing that children (and us grown-ups) who are familiar with the intimate details of their family history are healthier emotionally … and our Family Legacy Videos provide a narrative in one easy to reach for personal documentary.

The legacy of these life stories is people who feel a stronger sense of who they are … providing connection, a sense of belonging, of identity, strength and resilience.

The reality is that often so many family stories go untold. Magnum Productions is dedicated to addressing that.

Other Milestones and Corporate Events

A Magnum Productions Legacy Video is also an ideal way to:

  • Mark a celebration like a significant wedding anniversary or birthday
  • Acknowledge milestones like retirements or achievements at corporate events. 

It’s a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will endure as a treasured memento. 

We can ensure videos are discreetly planned and produced in advance of the event … and will be a highlight of any celebration.

How Much Do Our Legacy Videos Cost?

The cost of a professional Magnum Productions Family Legacy Video starts from around $1900.  

For more information call us on 0423 324 006 or use the contact form on this page for a no obligation chat about how we can deliver this creative way to record important memories for generations to come.



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    "Thank you for the amazing video. If you only knew how much we appreciate all this. We have had so much pleasure sharing our journey with everyone and it is a treasured memory for the family and generations to come."

    Maria and John Leenders