Our Specialties


Our family history is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our lives.  It gives us an understanding of where we come from, and who we are.

A family legacy video by Magnum Productions captures the essence of our grandparents, our loved ones, and those special people – people we want to honour and cherish in our lives.

Magnum Productions professionally tells the life story of family members, using all the cinematic and documentary film making processes available.


Elegant, sophisticated and tasteful – that’s our style.

Magnum Productions captures all the love and joy of your wedding using the best in creative techniques.

We adopt an unobtrusive but professional and sensitive approach, capturing all the significant events on your special day.


Social Media has revolutionised the way we market our products and services. Everyone has a story to tell about ourselves, our businesses and our families.

As business owners, we need to engage with clients, create brand awareness and increase traffic to our websites.

A video on your website or social media platform has the potential to drive increased traffic to you.  These facts are well known.


Let’s start on your video.  We’ve got the experience and know-how without the heavy expense.  A perfect solution if you own a business, thinking about a family legacy video or even looking for that special wedding video.  Call us now and we’ll show you the best  way to create a great video!